Terms & Policies

 Please read all policies and be certain that you are indeed ready for a new puppy.  NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED WHATSOEVER WITH ANY CHANGE OF MIND OR CIRCUMSTANCES.  

All puppies are registered, vet checked, vaccinations current and healthy puppy guaranteed until 1 year of age.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED:  Cash, No checks.  PayPal and major credit cards accepted at a 4% surcharge and CA sales tax.

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NO REFUNDS All monies paid for puppy carriers, LV replica carriers, puppy apparel, puppy deposits, puppy purchase or stud services are nonrefundable with change of mind or circumstances.

CONTRACT & HEALTHY PUPPY GUARANTEE – I, Stacey Myrice, guarantee this puppy to be in sound health and free from communicable diseases at the time of sale and for the following (15) days, provided the puppy has not been taken out in public places (due to the possible exposure to parvo before vaccinations are complete). Buyer must have puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within 7 days of acquisition or delivery.  If the puppy is not checked within 7 days, this contract will be void.  This benefits both parties, ensuring you are receiving a healthy puppy and that we sold a healthy puppy.  It is the responsibility of the new owner to continue puppy vaccinations and dewormings at scheduled intervals as directed by your veterinarian.  We have administered deworming medications and vaccinations in accordance with the puppy’s age at the time of the sale.  You should deliver a fecal sample at the time of your initial veterinary visit to ensure puppy is free of all parasite and worm.  If the puppy is found positive for parasite or worm, it is the responsibility of the buyer to continue deworming and parasite control.  The seller will replace a puppy found to have a life-threatening health issue by the buyer’s veterinarian if seller notified within three days. (Veterinarian expenses are the responsibility of the buyer unless other arrangements have been made.)

You are advised to continue the puppy on the seller’s recommended diet.  The change to any new food product could result in diarrhea and vomiting.  You are so advised and acknowledge that any direct physical result of food change is at the fault and expense of the buyer.  No cash refunds with YOUR change of mind or circumstances ONCE THE PUPPY HAS BEEN PICKED UP.

We also offer a health guarantee against life-threatening congenital heart, kidney, liver and lung diseases until the puppy is one year of age.  I do not guarantee against hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or sugar shock.  Hernias, uneven bites, undescended testicles, open fontanel, luxating patella, coccidia, Giardia or any retained teeth or teething issues are not covered under this guarantee.  This guarantee does not ensure the size of the puppy at adult age.


1)      Seller’s guarantee is to the original buyer only.

2)      Buyer must notify seller of any problem in a timely manner, i.e., within 2 days of diagnosis.  Seller has the option to get a second opinion by a veterinarian of seller’s choice within 10 days.  Buyer will be notified of seller’s veterinarian’s diagnosis before a final replacement puppy will be make.  The puppy will be replaced excluding any vet expenses only if the genetic defect requires nonelective surgical procedure to save the life of the puppy.  This will only be compensated when both parties vets agree in writing that this is the necessary procedure to enhance the puppy’s life.

3)      Buyer must provide a written statement by a licensed veterinarian.  If your puppy should expire within the first year of age, a necropsy is required.  Expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.  A copy is to be provided to the seller.  If fault is found to be a genetic disorder, then the puppy will be replaced.  If upon initial exam, within  7 days, the puppy is found to have genetic disease/defect, by the buyer’s vet, the buyer is to return the defective puppy to the seller before refund or replacement puppy can be issued.

4)      Buyer may select a replacement dog from another litter, when available, of comparable or lesser value. If a higher valued dog is chosen, the buyer must pay the difference in value.

Transportation and/or freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer for both the returned dog and the replacement dog or if a second-opinion for any diagnoses is required.  Seller will pay for a second diagnoses, but will not be responsible for transportation to/from vet of choice.